Quickbooks question regarding Solid Commerce

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Quickbooks question regarding Solid Commerce
13 Jun 2014

I'm looking at different Multi Channel software companies and Solid Commerce looks like it does almost everything we want with one exception. If I understand it correctly, all Solid Commerce does with Quickbooks POS is adjust inventory. It doesn't input the sale into QB or anything else. How are all of you handling this issue? I might be missing something as I've never used a program like this, so maybe it's obvious to you, but not to me. Thanks in advance for you help!

Kevin Beckwith
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Re: Quickbooks question regarding Solid Commerce
13 Jun 2014
Hi there, Kevin!

Actually, we DO input the sale into QuickBooks POS.

In fact, Solid Commerce can input the sale into ALL versions of QuickBooks. We support a full integration, allowing you to link your point-of-sale system, your bookkeeping, and your multi-marketplace inventory.

Hope that helps! If you've got any more questions, you're more than welcome to drop me a line directly at sean.b@SolidCommerce.com. Chatting here is fine, as well!

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Re: Quickbooks question regarding Solid Commerce
2 Feb 2015
I have the same issue & I want the solution.

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