What was your worst mistake in ecommerce?

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What was your worst mistake in ecommerce?
25 Jun 2014
What was your biggest mistake or worst failure when selling online?

What (if anything!) did you learn from it?
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Re: What was your worst mistake in ecommerce?
25 Jun 2014
Not accounting for overhead when pricing. Early on, I wasn't thinking enough about the incidental cost of running a business-accounting, storage fees, etc.
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Re: What was your worst mistake in ecommerce?
26 Jun 2014
My boss would say not finding the right person to do the job. Hopefully he doesn't say that now !

From my experience, the biggest mistake you can make is being rushed into a decision. This could be from web designers, selling platforms, interpreting services or inventory control system sellers.

Not all of the solutions on offer suit every seller. Take time to look at what the various systems can offer your business, not somebody elses.

Sellers of software solutions are quick to point out that (insert name) business has increased their sales by (insert inflated amount), but their business may be totally different to yours so is irrelevant.

All businesses are unique, so take your time.
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Re: What was your worst mistake in ecommerce?
29 Jun 2014
I totally agree with the post about rushing into making poor decisions of software applications.
I have spent (lost) more money on programs that sounded like the right thing for me but proved to be a big mistake. Not only money but the time it takes to find out for yourself that this product simply will not work for your business. This is the biggest mistake I have made (several times) since my starting in e-commerce about six years ago.

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