Using Ecrater

Artemis Greece
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Using Ecrater
26 Jun 2014
Hi My name Is Peter
Has anyone used eCRATER before and is it any good I have signed up for a store but I am a little reluctant. So I would like to know more about it before i use it.
thank Peter
Max Meadows, VA United States
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Re: Using Ecrater
30 Jun 2014
Hi. I used eCRATER for a bit. I did get some sales and there are some people who just love it. It is free, which is great. However, you do pay the price. Other than the forum, there is no real support. The biggest issue for me was that there was no way to keep my inventory synched across all the websites we sell on. Without an easy FTP or XML feed to update my inventory, I couldn't list on there so that I could avoid out of stock situations.

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