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Photo editing
29 Jun 2014
I have several hundred photos of items in my eBay store that do not meet minimum size requirements. I am having the same problem with items for sale in Amazon. Anyone know an easy way to resize these? I have many of these pics stored on my computer hard drive. Thanks, Vern.
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Re: Photo editing
30 Jun 2014
There some free photo resizers that will do it n bulk. Google bulk photo resizer and should cone up. However, if your photos are bitmapped, such as JPEG, the quality will get degraded somewhat.
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Re: Photo editing
30 Jun 2014
Thanks for the quick response!
I will check it out, Vern.
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Re: Photo editing
30 Jun 2014
Try Adobe Light Room. It has image re-size features.
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Re: Photo editing
1 Jul 2014
The point here is that the OP needs to "upscale" a large number of photos to meet marketplace image requirements - so it's really a bulk resizer he needs as Jax pointed out.

The downside it that quality will be lost. It may not be noticeable if enlarging by a small amount, but anything over 15% or so (at a guess) will start to look bad.

The very best solution, from a quality point of view, is to take brand new photos that look great at high resolution rather than resizing the old ones. Although the minimum size is 500 pixels, to use the zooming feature 1600+ pixels is recommended!

Clearly, taking hundreds of new photos is a huge job... a practical solution might be to use a bulk resizer to enlarge to the minimum required (500px) then over time take new photos, starting with products with the worst existing photos and/or the most potential to benefit.

Here's a guide to the eBay image requirements:

ChannelAdvisor also have a good round up of image requirements for eBay, Amazon and Google:

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Re: Photo editing
13 Jul 2014
Hi Vern.

The software that we use for resizing images is Gimp it is free and allows you to resize your images as well as many other features.

Obviously your source image will determine the quality of your new image and it may take a while to do several hundred.

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