eBay and PayPal transaction volume and avg price?

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eBay and PayPal transaction volume and avg price?
29 Sep 2005
Is there a program that can supply me with the overall eBay and paypal # transactions/ avg tranmsaction price etc?

. If you have this information I would love to have it. If you can also refer to me to locations that contain this information or have sites/books that you might think useful I would greatly appreciate it. I know some of this info is in the quarterly reports but I do not have them all and not all this information is contained within the reports)

Now to the questions (if possible please include as many years as possible)

(1) what are ebay and pay pal's yearly records (1990's onwards) for average successful sale transactions. Also can the paypal transaction information be divided into two? (i.e. ebay sales vs other vs combined?)

(a) average transaction for ebay for all years (paid through pay pal, non-paypal and both)

(b) average number of transactions of items paid by pay pal (from ebay and other and combined)

(c) number of transactions and users on ebay and pay pal

(d) total sales ebay and pay pal

(e) gross revenue, sales, on pay pal

(f) number of powersellers on ebay from year to year

(g) percent of items paid through pay pal from ebay

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Re: eBay and PayPal transaction volume and avg pri
3 Oct 2005
Hi Boutrous, welcome to the site.

I really doubt if you are going to get that from any software. The best source - which you have already found - is eBay Financial Releases or Annual Reports.

Many stock market analysts produce reports on eBay, which you may be able to get directly from them or search Amazon for "ebay company report". Morningstar are currently offering a free report when you sign up with them.

Also take a look at this thread, which is on a similar topic.

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