WhizAnalysis -are they still in business?

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WhizAnalysis -are they still in business?
2 Oct 2005
[My first post]

If I remember correctly, things started getting a bit ugly about a year or more ago, for W.A. software.

Their forums became outright hostile in mid to late 2004.
Users were claiming NO support being provided.
Among other things.

Then went offline at the end of 2004.
No access since then.

The Whiz analysis webpage shows:

1. an award from a pc magazine, Feb of 2004.
Quite some time ago. Almost 2 years.[b]
[2 years is a lifetime in the IT world][/b]

2. No new updates to their webpage "updates" section since
Nov 2004

3. The product "sounds" great.
But; with [apparently]:
- NO support,
- NO product updates, etc,
why even bother ?[/b]

4. Has any 2005 era auction-tools reviews been conducted on various types of "currently available" Market Analysis tools lately?

5. I'm just getting started in auction analysis.

I'm looking at Auction Intelligence.
Anyone know of anything BETTER than A.I.'s product?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: WhizAnalysis -are they still in business?
3 Oct 2005
Hi, welcome to the site and thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you are "disenchanted"!

I really don't know if WhizAnalysis is still active - make your own mind up from what you have found. You can always try contacting them and asking.

Broadly, analysis services use official eBay data or their own archive; or provide a tool so you can collect the data from eBay's completed items search.

The advantage or those that use eBay or their own data is that you get instant results. The disadvantage is that you are limited to the data they have available. Only deepanalysis provides a free trial, although you can subscribe to PriceMiner or Terapeak for only $9.95 per month. Category link.

The advantage of the "data collection" category is that you can collect whatever data you like and get the full details. Disadvantages are that they take some time to run, and it will take a while to build up a full picture as the completed items search only covers 14 days at a time.

I have only ever heard good things about AuctionIntelligence and they regularly update the program to compensate for eBay changes and to add new features - plus they have a two week trial (it's a PayPal subscription so remember to cancel if you don't want to keep using the program).

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