I love this thing!

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I love this thing!
23 Dec 2003
After selling about 20 items within two weeks I decided I needed an auction manager. I looked at and tried almost a dozen of the best and settled on eBay's Selling Manager for it's ease of implementation, ease of navigation and use, and it's relatively low cost. Plus it's automatically linked to PayPal so I always know when I've received payment for all my buyers at a single glance.

The price is great! Only $4.95 per month. I'm using the FREE and very versitile Turbo Lister to create the auctions and Selling Manager to manage them. Selling Manager does not have profit and loss statements though you can export to Excel and do that yourself or you can upgrade to Selling Manager Pro for that functionality.

I use to use AMAFS but it didn't always capture the buyer's ID or email and I had to manually add other items as well after a sale. Hope this helps someone out.
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