Excellent software - friendly support - no item specifics support

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Excellent software - friendly support - no item specifics support
8 Oct 2004
This package does everything imaginable for an eBay seller EXCEPT provide an interface for 'item specifics'! kAuction maintains your inventory for you, adjusting accordingly when listing and selling items. It provides an interface for uploading pictures to your own web space as well as recommendations for inexpensive file-and-image-hosting services. The HTML ad creation is limited to changing the colors and text sizes of the various sections and borders, but is still remarkably flexible.

One of the few auction packages that still does NOT use the eBay API, auction submission is still VERY quick and easy. kAuction offers Auction Tracking pre-formatted, customizable e-mails, invoices, and receipts automated feedback etc.

Except for a plethora of 'script errors' in the browser window, and the lack of support for 'item specifics', this package would rate a FIVE STAR rating! I've only recently (after more than a year of using this package) begun to try a different package.

Updates are free forever, making this one of the least expensive packages available.
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