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Website + eBay
5 Oct 2005
I'm looking for advice on eBay auction management software. I run a used bike parts business and sell parts and bikes on eBay under "arthursi". I want to build a website with a shopping cart and check out, and have the same database submit (and help manage) the same item listings on eBay. I would like to have either Quickbooks compatiblity or built-in accounting. I'm fairly sophisticated technically and can do some programming. I want a reliable service or toolset that is not too expensive. I don't care whether I host it or it's ASP. Thank you for any advice on this topic.

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Re: Website + eBay
5 Oct 2005
Hi, welcome to the forum.

Because you can do some programming yourself, there are a wide range of options open to you. The more you pay, the less you will have to do yourself.

The DIY option that springs to mind is (open source, free) plus the AuctionBlox add-on for listing to eBay. You could also check out Benda AE, who have a piece of software for listing to eBay and an eCommerce database simultaneously, called WISE.

The next step-up would be a commercial eCommerce package such as Make-a-Store or StoreFront. These are very well featured web store packages with modules for eBay listing.

Finally, you could go for a full-on auction management service with storefront attached. There are quite a few choices here, and I've summarised them in another thread. This would probably cost you the most.

If you haven't come across them already, you might find my Storefront Services articles in AuctionBytes useful.

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