Terrific program. I use it every day.

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Terrific program. I use it every day.
4 Feb 2004
Auction Sleuth is listed in the wrong category.
Auction Sleuth is a Searching Tool, with a good Sniping engine. But it is designed to be a thorough Searching Tool, and it is the BEST.
Auction Sleuth is incredibly easy to set up. The interface is a no-brainer, and it is 100 percent intuitive.
The Searches can be set up with extremely complicated criteria, filters, avoid lists, etc. Or they can be very simple.
The Searches can be Buy It Now only, or All Items.
I own 48 eBay programs, they are a hobby of mine. Auction Sleuth is 1 of the 4 programs that I actually use, on a daily basis.
The Author has been VERY fast to respond.
Dr. Stan
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