Eccles Software is drifting slowly out to sea

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Eccles Software is drifting slowly out to sea
16 Feb 2004
I've had Cricket Jr. for years but rarely use it because it can handle only one snipe at a time. If you try managing multiple instances of the program you will be on thin ice. Sometime around 2000 they announced their desire to write Cricket 4.0 Pro, which they claimed would have superior database capabilities, the best multi-item snipe software and various other upgrades. I was a beta tester for this software and it never worked correctly. Then, the updates stopped coming. Now, Eccles has abandoned 4.0 altogether claiming coming changes to eBay will make sniping impossible. The truth is, their programmer moved and lost interest in my opinion. The program now has minimal support, and while it does what it says, there are vastly superior products capable of sniping on a great number of objects at once. Sadly, look elsewhere for your sniping solution.
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