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Poor Support Mars Nice Product
1 Jul 2004
When I downloaded kAuction, I thought I had found just the right software for my needs. It's built atop an Access database, and the developer claims to know how to build such databases - while claiming that all the other auction software developers don't. Boasts like that are fine if they have any merit.

kAuction's inventory system seems quite robust and forces you to catalog items before you're able to list auctions for them. That seems logical.

Such rigor, however, comes at the cost of flexibility and customization. For example, you can't print invoices for more than seven items. If you sell more than seven items to the same customer, you must prepare and print two separate invoices. That's a very big drawback.

But, unfortunately, I didn't get much further because the developer hasn't replied to my questions. Every other auction software company got back to me with good answers within a few hours. After 24 hours had gone by, I sent a reminder to the kAuction guy, asking him...
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