Easy to use but has some limitations

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Easy to use but has some limitations
14 Jul 2004
Able to keep track of your auctions with many customisable fields.
You can enter the ebay ID of a seller and download their past 90 days of sales for either competitive purposes or if your a buyer to see how much a similar item sold for previously.
Able to setup it up to track consignment sales from multiple sources
Quick sales summary
Able to do complex calculations and display results. This is useful to work out commisions or sales tax etc.
All data can easily be exported to Excel.
Prompt support when I had a problem

Can't download ebay fees or user home addresses. It calculates ebay fees via internal calculation, and if you get it wrong the fees are wrong. Is limited to just getting basic info such as Bid amounts, highest bidder and their email address. Also, the search function is specific to the exact letters you enter. For example, if you are looking for all auctions with "Pearls" in the title, you have to type "Pearls". It wont find it if you search on "Pe...
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