The best I have used so far - V3 working fine too

A review of Shooting Star by vk2him
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The best I have used so far - V3 working fine too
25 Sep 2006
*** Update re Version 3
I have no speed problems at all with version 3, it is actually faster than the old version as the new one uses the eBay CGI rather than the old versions screen scraping. You get what you pay for, well worth the investment when running a medium to large ebay business.

Shooting Star saved me at least 2 hours each day and has allowed me to expand my sales as I spend less time at the back end and more time on finding product and listing it. I strongly recommed trying it for at least 2 weeks as it takes a while to get used to the "Workflow" style. Once your used to it, you wonder how you got by before.

Support is 100% and I have had nothing but help and freindly advise and support from the writters and the online support forum.

Like any software, there could be improvements as mentioned by the other reviewers. Most suggested improvements revolve around SS being able to directly interface with Ebay via Ebays AIP interface, and Ebay charge big $$$$ for a licence to use that interface. Shooting star doesnt use the interface and users save by the reduced licence fee to use it. There are arguments that people would pay to get the functionality, and it is ongoing. None the less, it is a kick ass piece of software.
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