Free, Easy, and 1 extra Bonus I LOVE !

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Free, Easy, and 1 extra Bonus I LOVE !
19 Jul 2004
Esteal is truly a GREAT service, considering that it is free.
I received NO fluff from Esteal, no spyware, no popups, nothing.
ESteal has an "Import Watch List" which I absolutely LOVE. I watch perhaps
40 or 50 items or more at a time, and by clicking one button they are automatically
imported into Esteal, and with 1 more click I can set up a snipe on any item.
I have never had even a hiccup with Esteal. My snipes have been sent 100 percent of the time.
If I had a request, it would be that they allowed a "Premium" service which would allow me to set very short "Lead Times", such as 2 seconds. I would be happy to pay for that. Server based Sniping is blindingly fast, and sending in a Snipe with 10 seconds to go is foolish.
I have in the past paid for 3 different Sniping engines, including one that cost 49 dollars a year. It wasn't as good as Esteal.
And ink Frog, the company that does Esteal, is a top notch service also.
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