Functional and FREE and reliable

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Functional and FREE and reliable
7 Sep 2004
I have used Auction Robots at Vrane's site for about 3 years as a backup to a paid sniping site that I use.
Because I use the FREE service I am only allowed 1 snipe at a time. Paid subscribers have unlimited snipes.
I have never had Auction Robots "break", i.e. it has delivered every snipe, without fail, over 400 snipes have been perfect.
If I were given the opportunity to improve Auction Robot I would allow short time lags for the Snipe, i.e. 5 seconds or less, and I would allow Importing of My eBay, the most important feature a program can have, in my opinion. Very few have it.
Vrane's site has many many functional components, and it takes a few minutes to find out just how much they do.
If I had not already paid for another sniping service I would have signed up with Vrane. They are reliable and professional.

Dr. N.
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