EXCELLENT!! User Friendly, great tech support BUY IT!!!!

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EXCELLENT!! User Friendly, great tech support BUY IT!!!!
8 Sep 2004
This is a no nonsense program that has easy to understand icon links that enable you to feel completely in control of your purchases/sales within minutes of downloading it. The price is nothing compared to the time I have saved to bid, list, pay, post, and leave feedback...therefore allowing me more time to do other things.
The added analysis attributes in the Sellers program give you a great understanding of "how to run your own business" which I have learnt a great deal from since using both the Buyers and Seller programs. Both these programs have made me feel more in control of who, what, and most importantly HOW MUCH MONEY I am dealing with at any given time.
The reason I bought the programs in the first place was all of the feedback responses that the developer has included in their eBay Listing description, along with a very comprehensive outline with pictures and commentary of how the program operates and what you get with it (unlike many other management systems that labour on and on about all the reasons you need to purchase their program, only to find they have twisted the meaning of the words). What You See Is What You Get with this program.
Also the Help avaliable on the website is in a format which is clear and easy to understand, again with the extensive use of pictures and commentary. Not to mention the prompt, friendly tech support I have received if I've ever had a problem! I have learnt so much about running my own home business just by using the eze...
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