Impressive scope and a commitment to improvement

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Impressive scope and a commitment to improvement
6 Dec 2005

Terapeak analysis is performed by day, week, or month, and eBay category or search term. Both category and search-based analysis offer a "Research" tab along with "Top Sellers", "Trends", and "Closed Listings". Category-based analysis also offers "Selling Features".

* Research offers an overall insight into the marketplace, including listing features, pricing, duration and more.

* Top Sellers is an anonymized, sortable list of sellers.

* Category/Search Trends shows the change in total listings, successful listings, average price and more over a period of time.

* Closed Listings shows the raw data of items being analyzed.

* Selling Features is a customizable breakdown of usage and success for listing upgrades such as bold, highlight and featured.

A separate section is the "Hot List" - an at-a-glance list of categories with the the highest bid growth.

Many improvements to the navigation and layout have been made in version 2 - the full browser width is now used and the tab-based navigation is intuitive for eBay users. One small grievance is that there is no apparent logic to the color-coding of sales volume, and the same colors are used in the "Price Buckets" barchart with an opposite meaning - a consistent "cool to hot" scheme would have been easier to follow. Some inconsistency and lack of clarity remains in the navigation wording - since Terapeak is all about research, calling a tab "Research" is not helpful! The help section is clear and easy to navigate, but more links from the analysis pages would be useful, e.g. to find an explanation of the Hot List you have to leave the page and search the help.

The scope of statistics available from Terapeak is impressive and real insights can be gained into the eBay marketplace at a very reasonable price. Because there is so much depth it can be a challenge to turn the raw analysis into usable strategy, but with perseverance there is true value to Terapeak's service.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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