Too Slow, Too Expensive, Poor Support

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Too Slow, Too Expensive, Poor Support
26 Sep 2004
I had a very poor experience with Andale's software, services and technical support. It was evident by my second day of service that they could not provide what I needed. Good idea, great sales pitch, but poor implementation and execution. I terminated the relationship on Day 3 and had to spend hours cleaning up my ads to eliminate their checkout and gallery.

They might be good for a newbie, but in my opinion, anyone who has been selling on eBay for a while will find that there are better tools out there. Their offline lister has little or no HTML support – doesn't even hold a candle to Turbo Lister -- and upload/download takes forever, even with my cable modem.

Andale has many different modules, each which costs extra, and they do not work together as seamlessly as they should. In my experience, settings kept getting reset and their tech support people – when you could get them on the phone or instant chat without being disconnected – could not tell my why or solve my problems.
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