Reliable, intuitive, and FREE. Built-in AutomaticSniping Button

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Reliable, intuitive, and FREE. Built-in AutomaticSniping Button
10 Oct 2004
I have used JustSnipe! for over a year, and have placed over 200 snipes with it.
JustSnipe! has a "button" that can be placed on your Internet Explorer Toolbar and when you come across an eBay Auction you want to snipe, you just click on the button and JustSnipe! opens automatically and fills in all the information. You simply type in your snipe amount. It couldn't possibly be easier.
I use the FREE membership, so I am limited to 5 snipes a week. The counter resets every Friday morning.
One of the many reasons I like JustSnipe! is that it gives you a very short Snipe Latency Time, i.e. you can set it as short as 5 seconds. Many of the other online server-based snipers will snipe 15 or even 20 seconds before the end of the auction, and that is too long, it can trigger someone else's bid to increase, and you get outbid.
If you want a reliable and no-brainer Sniping engine for 5 snipes a week for FREE, it's hard to beat JustSnipe!

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