Terrific — there is no better non-hosted sniper

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Terrific — there is no better non-hosted sniper
10 Oct 2004
Auction Sentry, and now, Auction Sentry Deluxe, is well worth the price because you are guaranteed to recover its cost almost immediately in savings on eBay. I bid a lot for collectibles, electronics and more. Auction Sentry has allowed me to get some items at a fraction of what I would have paid had I gotten into a bidding war. I've tried several other snipers and none have been able to consistently place the bid as late in the auction as Auction Sentry. None, in fact, are even able to consistently bid at all. Auction Sentry has a great feature set and the Deluxe version includes a browser and even more features! It's a great seller's tool as well, tracking everything I sell perfectly. I've been a happy user for several years and can't praise this software enough. Customer support is phenomenal, the program works flawlessly and it is reasonably priced. Try it now. I'm sure you will buy it if you do much bidding. Regards, Ken
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This review is 9 years out of date. Yes it was great software 9 years ago, certainly not now
20 Dec 2012
Don't be mislead. I would have written a review like this in 2005 when I first started to use Auction Sentry. Certainly not now. After Auctiva got their grubby hands on it, this software was run into the ground and now they're trying to charge $60 a year for something that doesn't work even as well as when it was $15 a year.
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