Fantastic program - please build on it!!

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Fantastic program - please build on it!!
19 Oct 2004
I have tried most (if not all !) UK auction selling software as I sell on eBay full time and this is by far the best of it`s type. The workflow system is simply brilliant - items in green are OK, items in amber need watching, items in red need attention. This means, for example, if you take a cheque payment it will stay in the green for 7 days (or whatever you have set it to) and them move into Red, signifying the item now needs attention.This program only misses out on 5 stars because of what it doesn`t do - e.g second chance offers are not picked up, there is no inventory management, no multiple ID support and no automatic feedback (although you are prompted to leave FB). Support has been first class. I pray that they will one day release a "Professional" version, with all of the extras added, take the plunge re. the eBay API costs and I for one will gladly buy it and pay a monthly fee. For now, this is without doubt the best offline UK Auction Management system, bar none.
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