Easy to use but poorly integrated with EBAY, PayPal, and shippers

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Easy to use but poorly integrated with EBAY, PayPal, and shippers
27 Oct 2004
I am a powerseller looking for the next level of auction management software. I looked at Meridian and these are my observations. I spent an evening with the program going through the process of listed one auction. At that point I concluded that Meridian was not what I was looking for. Since my time with Meridian was brief, there may be features that I didn't discover that eliminate some of the limitations I found.
1. Very easy to get the basic system configured and running.
2. The interface was intuitive, I listed an auction without looking at the documentation until I finished. I did this deliberately.
3. The system couldn't pickup my running or closed auctions from EBAY.
4. There is no spell checker.
5. There is a discussion board on EBAY but it is inactive suggesting a small installed base.
6. I had a problem logging in and got a very quick response to my request for help.
7. The system is server based. End of auction processing runs only once a day at 5 pm.
8. Shipping support consists of manually downloading a cvs file and then sending that to UPS Worldship. No support for USPS noted.
9. A separate program is used to manually transfer PayPal information to Meridian.
10. The online help files were largely empty. Some example screens don't match current screens(out of date)
11. There are no default email messages.
12. Because the system is server based it runs very slow. The advantage is it can be accessed by multiple people from any location internet access is available.
13. I didn't see any info on frequency of updates or how well it is supported.
14. The cost is lower then most server based systems.
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