I would rate Seller's Assistant Pro high 4 stars...

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I would rate Seller's Assistant Pro high 4 stars...
15 Dec 2004
BUT it is a difficult program to learn, most people would be daunted by learning it and give up before they did, or would use it and never realize its full capabilities. It is cheap and if you do not carry a huge amount of inventory (meaning many different listings (7,000 or more), not many pieces) none of the “corruption” problems would come into effect. There are often problems with the shipping paid not downloading correctly, but everyone does not complain about that, it may have been the corruption of my database which caused it (I was at one time an Access programmer so I understand some of the systems problems). Ebay tech was never able to help with it. They asked for a copy of my database often, but never did repair it. It is able to anything, including live updates, so really it is an excellent tool. Since you can use ebay checkout with it, no one is upset by the checkout.

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