Waste of money, annoying staff

A review of Andale by laupost
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Waste of money, annoying staff
6 Apr 2005
I signed up for a few services after reading about them. They were just okay. What REALLY annoyed me is that a week later, I get a call from one of their salesmen trying to get me to sign up for every other service they offer. Not only did he waste my time, but the language barrier made it even more difficult. Why anyone would sign up with a third party lister and PAY again when their auction closes and/or a percentage of their selling price is beyond me. I think too many people try to look for alternatives to eBay tools and end up with worse, incompetent "solutions."

Andale is a total waste of money. I have tried nearly all the software out there to manage, list, and otherwise help with auctions and they all fall short and cost too much.
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