Software no longer works, I lost my $279. Stay Away!!

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Software no longer works, I lost my $279. Stay Away!!
3 May 2005
I bought the PRO version at the 2004 Ebay Live meeting. It was a great source of Ebay information. However, within 4 months I noticed it was missing auction listings. Some auctions didn’t show up in the analysis. It got worse over time. By the end of 2004 it was useless, only finding a small fraction of auctions. It couldn’t find any of my own auctions. I think they just stopped updating the software to keep up with Ebay category changes. You will find there is no way to contact them except by email. I have gotten no reply to many requests for help so I am not sure if they go anywhere. The phone numbers on the business cards I collected at Ebay Live have been disconnected.

When I loaded the software I was given a key for that particular installation. After my hard drive failed I tried to reinstall the program. The old key will no longer work with the new installation. Since I can’t get in touch with them to get a new key my copy of the software will no longer run at all.

The $279 I paid for the pro version was an expensive lesson. I have been ripped off! I just thought you would like to know my experience if you have any thoughts of sending these guys money.
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