One of the best available, I highly recommend it

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One of the best available, I highly recommend it
4 May 2005
I have used Phantom Bidder for approximately 2 years, and recommend it. In my opinion it is bullet proof. It is highly polished, has a no-brainer interface, and has many little small things that other sites don't have that add up to a more pleasurable experience for someone who snipes on items that matter.
One thing I really really like about Phantom Bidder is it works in the Mature Audiences site, which none of the other 6 Server based sniping sites do. If an item is inside the Mature Audiences section you can forget about using your own sniping program or an Internet sniping engine, they just don't work.
Phantom Bidder has very good stealth qualities, and is not vulnerable to hacker attack like 2 of the other web-based sites. So your eBay and PayPal information is safe.
The cost of Phantom Bidder is very reasonable. And if for some reason you do not win the auction you don't pay anything at all. You only pay when you win and that is how it should be.
I have been on eBay for 7 years and have been sniping since 1998 when I first bought Cricket Jr., the first sniping program ever. I have shot over 2,000 snipes and I have enjoyed using many eBay programs. So I feel very comfortable saying that Phantom Bidder is one of the very best, and there are some very good programs out there.
Phantom Bidder lets me adjust their clock to my local time, offers Bid Groups, emails, etc.
You can set the latency period for your snipes, i.e. how many seconds before the auction end before your snipe is sent. With many of the online programs either you cannot choose the latency period at all, or it is too long to be useful. There is no sense sending in a snipe at 10 seconds, when 3 other people are sending in snipes at 6 and 5 and 4 seconds.
Some of the sites charge a per month fee, which I do not believe is reasonable. If I don't send in a snipe I still get charged. If I shoot 3 snipes and they all lose, I still get charged.
With Phantom Bidder I pay only whe...
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