Worst piece of software I have ever used!

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Worst piece of software I have ever used!
11 May 2005
Couldn't find one review of this software online (the pro version) before deciding to give it a go...what I had read though sounded good.

You know what they say, never trust everything you read. I had it installed for about 2 hours before removing it from the harddrive and sending it back for a refund. (and yeah I got every penny back I paid for it)

You have an eBay Store? It doesn't support stores. You want to relaunch an ended listing to take advantage of the free relist credit? Nah, doesn't do that either (well if it did the fact was hidden well).

Can you speak German? Some error messages in german, some menus in german, some table headings in german.

Not exactly sure what an icon does? Press it and find out...Type Mismatch error, program exits.

The inventory side of things looked good but I didn't really have time to fully explore it....I did try sending an item from the inventory to auction...yep you guessed it, error message, program exited.

Even giving it 1 star seems too much. This program is best avoided...but hey, we all like different things, maybe you will get on well with it if you can forgive the errors and german along the way.
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