Great speed processing and intuitive GUI

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Great speed processing and intuitive GUI
25 Jun 2005
This software is simple and effective to use. I use it before loading each picture into Ebay. The external hosting mechanism of multiple pictures is easy to understand and can be successfully trialled within 30 minutes even by a novice.

The only difficulty is in understanding how to configure Ebay (using Ebay's Turbo Lister) to do this intelligently. One still wants to take advantage of Ebay's one free hosted picture with any listing, to ensure that a mini-thumbnail picture appears (and not a little green camera) on the first results page. My understanding from Ebay is that extra pictures then needed to be added directly in HTML, since if you switch all picture hosting to external you lose this one very important mini-thumbnail.

Still this is an issue with Ebay and not this software. This software is great as it encourages me to take as many pictures as possible of the items I wish to sell and edit them very quickly. So quick in fact, that I wish to use it to batch process photos taken unrelated to Ebay. To send to friends in emails etc. Thus I include the following enhancements in this already excellent software in the future.

The first suggested improvement to the software at the moment would be that it included a simple slide-show feature. After a church christening service etc, I want to be able to run the quick edit and then display the results on my laptop to the guests only 30 minutes later. At the moment I could use Fast Photos for the edit but would have to use something else for a slide-show. That is a pity since the slide-show does not need any fancy transitions, just a controllable second count between slides.

The laptop is then left on a table in reception and loops continuously. Photos taken by amateurs inside churches etc can often require significant touching-up because of low light conditions. If with an intention to do a quick edit to show guests at the reception afterwards, this edit needs to be quick, and Fast Photos seems ideal.
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