Impressive and unique

A review of MarketBlast by Andy
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Impressive and unique
6 Jul 2005
MarketBlast is a capable and well-thought out application with an impressive range of features, even though it is a brand new product. Email marketing campaigns, for example, are in MarketBlast from day one but are still lacking in some long-standing auction managers.

In contrast to its web-hosted competitiors, MarketBlast runs locally on your own computer so you will be responsible for your own data backups and need to leave your machine on to list scheduled auctions, but you won't suffer from delays when web traffic is high, and can create listings offline.

4D's experience shows with mature components, offering great depth of customization down to database expressions and scripting, which won't be of interest to every seller but offer plenty of scope for future growth without changing platforms.

Marketblast uses the official eBay API but does not charge any recurring fees or a percentage of sales, unlike the majority of API-based solutions.

A combination of low price and high development standards mean MarketBlast is well positioned to shake up the auction management market.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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