Auction Wizard is a Dinosaur

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Auction Wizard is a Dinosaur
20 Jul 2005
I have been using AW for about 5 yrs or so. I have been loyal ....waiting for the improvements needed to keep up to date with ohter competive auction software on the market. I believe it is nearing time to move on to another software. AW has left me no choice in the matter.

The tech support is superior!! There is none like it anywhere!!

The price is amazing!!!!!!

I wish I could stay... I would love to stay.... I do not want to leave my omfortable software program... I do not want to uproot my routine and all i have invested in this auction business!! I want to stay... but I have to move on to the new and improved... automated systems w/ all the bells and whistles. I love you!! I will miss you greatly. (except for your old out dated ways).

HELP AW needs an Extreme Makeover!!

Love You,

Love Me.
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