You Get What You Pay For - Your GrandMa Was Right!

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You Get What You Pay For - Your GrandMa Was Right!
4 Sep 2005
SpareDollar was a great service at the beginning, several years ago. Unfortunately, with such a cheap price, they grew too big, too fast. There is literally no customer service except for members trying to help other members on the forum & some of them are incredibly rude & arrogant. (Of course, there are some very nice in life).

Why the developer & owner, Tomas, hasn't hired a couple of tech types to help is a huge mystery, both to the people that are staying & the hundreds that have left, or are in the process of leaving, like me. Too bad he wouldn't put the business up for sale - it's a great program...when it works. It's obvious he has lost interest in it as there is zero customer service as I mentioned above.

The front page hasn't changed in at least 2 years, you have to make your own custom templates because the few they have are unusable, the service freezes constantly forcing you to log out & then back in, or worse yet, have to restart your computer, therefore losing all the work done on your ad.

There is no online documentation, there may be some FAQS, but if there are, they just as outdated as everything else. If you send an email to ask for help, you never get an answer, the scheduler hasn't worked properly in ages, so all listings have to be done manually so they won't duplicate, among other ugly things.

There is so much more, but there isn't enough room here to list all the problems. Oh, this is a good one - the fees for eBay on the site haven't changed since a 10 day listing was 10 cents! It all boils down to taking FOREVER to create even one listing, so you aren't saving any money at all! I'm surprised eBay even allows them to be associated with eBay.

Finally, the savings (ha) is not worth it to me - which is why I ended up here - looking for a good, reliable listing service. I use Shooting Star for management purposes (they get 5 stars)!

Please email me at if you have one to recommend. Thanks!
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