A slick, well-built desktop auction management solution

A review of MarketBlast by junebugbooks
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A slick, well-built desktop auction management solution
8 Sep 2005
I bought MarketBlast recently, after reading the interview and trying the trial version. I am sure combining auctions will be possible soon. In the meantime, this is a wonderful piece of software. It has a fairly steep learning curve, and I know I have barely skimmed the surface of what it can do, but the fact that I was able to import my entire 6600 book database into Marketblast and my images files from several different sources, was the one feature that sold me.

For those of you who sell on Amazon.com and have a Pro-merchant account, importing into Marketblast is as easy as ordering an open listings report and then importing into Marketblast. It takes 6 or 7 minutes for my import in (using Windows XP and a fast cable modem connection). For image importing, Marketblast will download directly from a server using ftp. It also uploads to your present server space, as well as flickr.

Posting auctions is lightening fast. I've tried many web-based auction management "solutions" and Marketblast is as fast or faster than most of them.

The price is reasonable. No closings to worry about paying a percentage on. You can make your own custom template and use that (I'm not wild about the included ones, though they do work). Lots of search functions and ways to sort and view and analyze your data.

I know there are things need tp be added and fixed, but I am hooked on Marketblast already and look forward to the upcoming improvements.
Donny Seagraves
Junebug Books
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