Excelent tool for sniping!

A review of Prospector by William
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Excelent tool for sniping!
10 Sep 2005
I love to bid on eBay. So far I have bought but not sold anything on Ebay. I was losing out on a lot of bids because I would bid early and then be outbid at the last second. Thats when I realized that my competition was using sniping programs. I looked into a lot of them but liked Prospector the best. There are several things I like about this program. First, it was a flat fee and not a % of the item won. Second, it was server based so I didn't have to keep my PC on all the time(keeps my wife awake at night). Third, best of all, it has a bid group that allows the bidder to group bids of the same item so that when a bid is successful, the remaining bids are cancelled. This is a great feature allowing you to make bids on similar items so that you get at least one win without ending up with all the items. I used to be really frustrated when I had to log on to my PC and wait for each item to come due, then if I lost, to submit another bid. With group bidding I can bid on 5 different hard drives and forget about it. When I win one of the 5, the remaining are cancelled. Great product. It has save me a lot of grief.
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