I hate to even give them one star

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I hate to even give them one star
3 Nov 2005
I have used this site for about 2 years. I stuck with it because I sell a lot of similar items, and I have several item descriptions and pictures stored here. My favorite listing time was Sunday evenings. The site would always slow down and sometimes come to a complete halt at this time. I have had three situations that the boards could not answer, so I emailed the developer for assistance. To this day I have not heard back from him. I am registered on the boards, but I have never been able to post (that was one of my problems).
The final straw is that I have paid his higher price fee, now all my images seem to be missing. I just get a red X where my images were and I can not get help. This has been going on for over a week now. Again, no response from Spare dollar. Please look elsewhere for your auction management needs as this site is unreliable and unresponsive. They just want your money.
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