Excellent product except for some minor flaws

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Excellent product except for some minor flaws
3 Nov 2005
Channel Advisor Pro is an excellent product. It can upload your inventory, create nice professional looking ads, schedule the ads, handle checkout and post sale management. It can post to eBay, yahoo, Amazon, and Overstock. It even has a webstore for people who can browse through when they go through checkout to pay for an auction. Their tutorials and help functions are good. I found the process to setting up to be quite logical and intuitive. Support was quite responsive and helpful. Weekends, support is somewhat less than desirable and available mainly for major issues with the system itself.
It is easy to post to all the auction sites and to the CA store. They have made it straightforward to review your status of your ads, the action going on at the auction sites, and post sale management. It appears to be well thought out.
Here are the areas that concern me. I am involved in selling through a fulfillment service. The biggest issue here is inventory level being maintained accurately. In order to do this, you have to manually update your inventory levels. That is fine if you only have a few items but if you have 1,000 items, then you can see the time required on a daily basis to keep the inventory correct. Nothing for a seller is more frustrating to make a sale, collect the money, and then have to refund it because the item is out of stock. The CA store is good and though not real sophisticated but does what it was designed for. However, there is no way to push a data feed to Froogle or the other markets such as buy.com, saleszilla.com, etc. You can’t download your inventory so you could create your own datafeed so these viable markets are not being touched. In a period of time where many eBay powersellers are looking to rely less on eBay or a particular market, they want to expand their coverages. CA Pro Stores just doesn’t do it. You can't use GTC in eBay stores but only 30 days, this way they count as a closing. There is an auto relist.
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