Auctiva is now web-based & Free plus has good possibilites

A review of Auctiva by jwjohnson
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Auctiva is now web-based & Free plus has good possibilites
3 Nov 2005
Auctiva is an excellent product. It can create nice professional looking ads, customize templates for your own ads, schedule the ads, handle checkout. It can post to eBay. It has no post sales management or inventory control except for the WBN and checkout.
Everything is done through profiles. Once you understand this process, you can proceed to creating you ads. I use a personal template that I customize to use through Auctiva.

The layout is fairly straightforward but one has to understand the use of profiles. Once that grasp, then it goes quite easily. They have a gallery that is good and looks professional in your ads. The image hosting is ok and has Free supersize photos which I have found to be very helpful.

There is revenue sharing through PIC insurance. The buyer pays full price to you and you pay a discount. I think the amount is $.30. You have to use their checkout in order to take advantage of this revenue.

Auctiva is FREE for now. They plan inventory and post sales management next year. Their service has been down a few times but they have been quick to post to their forum updates. Support has always answered my questions promptly. Forum is quite active. Occasionally someone from Auctiva needs to be reminded of being courteous even when their clients aren’t.

Big thing about trying Auctiva is always GO TO PREFERENCES and check only the features you want to use. I unchecked them all to start with and slowly added what I wanted. I wanted to understand what everything did before checking to use it. Doing this can save you a lot of time in the long run if you decide Auctiva isn’t for you.
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