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Just too complicated !

A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by sellthemoon
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Just too complicated !
10 Nov 2005
We tried Marketworks, put a great deal of time and resources into setting it up etc. Support was first class so absolutely no complaints there, but in the end found it simply too complicated. Problems such as too many obscure settings hidden away, things not being where they logically should be etc meant that too much time was spent head scratching and searching. The help files were ok, but many seemed to tell you what the function did, not necessarily how to do it! I was very concerned that the learning curve would be just too steep for any new staff we took on.We also experienced several occasions of items launching hours after they were scheduled to list, often resulting in auctions ending at totally innapropriate times. Finally, in my view, the flaw of the system is in requiring buyers to exclusively use the Marketworks checkout system. If they don`t they seem to disappear into "no mans land" and you have to use the incredibly complicated reporting functions to try and find them. Marketworks is very powerful software but the user interface is a nightmare and requires a complete rewrite.
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