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1 Nov 2005
I recently purchaced this software, I had to format my computer twice due to another fault with my laptop, when I attempted to re-activate the Onbidder software I was told I was not allowed to after 2 attempts ! so the 12 month subscription is a farce ! you are paying for two installs.

The customer services takes to days to email you. has anyone else had this problem?
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Re: Onbidder
7 Nov 2005
I had several issues with viruses lately. In one instance I just uninstalled a heap of software, among them Onbidder. When I reinstalled it it automatically used the registration from the first install. A wee bit later I had to find that I did not manage to remove the virus and, as my Windows has been on the computer for more than a year now, I decided to make a complete reinstall.

Then I ran into a similar problem as you, I needed a repair key. I simply ran the repair, got my 28 digits of a key and sent it to Onbidder. It took only a couple of hours for them to respond with a repair key and I was up an running again.

Obviously we had opposite experiences with their support while both of us only had to reinstall Windows. Yours was rather bad, mine was excellent. So I don't quite know what the issue was in your case. Generally I can't complain, they respond quick and helpful.


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