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14 Nov 2005
I was a member there for over 2 years while it was 4.95 per month.
I paid that just to talk on the forums. I quit using the service because it didn't work. I used Auction Sage, which works. They have raised their price now to 8.95 per month and the service itself is NOT worth anyhing, even if it were free it wouldn't be worth the hassle of dealing with. It's only worth is the forums for chatting.

Nothing has EVER worked right, there is NO customer service. There are never any upgrades. He can't even fix the broken things.
If you use the image hosting you're gambling you'll have pictures in your auctions. I see the claims made for the service and have to laugh, it's there alright, it just won't work.

I have to check some stars above but it isn't even worth one star.
It looks like I'm forced to give them the one star. It is under protest, though.

Don't waste your time even loading pics on there, you'll just have a big job moving them off soon enough.

The boards were full of griping and complaining about the service and the owner wouldn't answer. He finally just started deleting the threads with all the complaints. Now that he's raised the price he's started hanging out on the boards a little more making promises he is going to improve the service. Lot of people are staying and paying the higher fee on his promises. He's been promising that for 2 years at least. Many stay there only to chat on the forums.

I highly DO NOT recommend SpareDollar. It's an insult to sellers that Sparedollar is even called an auction management service.
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