Pleased as Peaches with Auctiva

A review of Auctiva by Suthrnjewl
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Pleased as Peaches with Auctiva
16 Nov 2005
Just to name a few: Quick Forum Updates, Great Customer Service, Emailed Questions to Help answered within 15 minutes, Customer Service personable and courteous, Streamlined updating of images compatible with both PCs and MACs, Nice assortment of Templates that grows Daily.

This site is VERY easy. Select preferences, Set Up Your Profiles and Start designing your auction. Updates to eBay happen daily. Requests for new additions to the service are implemented almost immediately and if not that week then it will come the next week. Polls are given to customers for input on how the customer wants the service.

Very easy to schedule items. I recently scheduled 400 auctions and they all went up without a single hitch.

I customized the gallery with a look that I like either scrolling or regular along with choosing the color of the background, font and text. I also have a store that is included with the site, which is linked to my gallery. More cross-selling abilities.

The site is web-based and is VERY, VERY easy. A novice to auction management services could start this service and be up and running in no time flat once their selling profiles are set up.
I was with SpareDollar for two years and this service is like a long cool drink of water after walking the desert for a day. Once you've been with a service that offers no customer service, no upgrades to ebay, down times and more..even days our service didn't work...being with a service that works smoothly is very spoiling. Auctiva recently installed six more servers and hired more customer service techs. This company isn't afraid to put their money into their product and that says alot to me.

The image hosting is UNLIMITED and others put a halt at a certain MB. This service is free right now, but I would gladly pay to have this service. I even offered to pay them and the offer was declined. I've been using Auctiva now for four months plus and couldn't be happier.

Customer Service is Great!
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