I wish I could give it more stars.

A review of AuctionSage by iron_chick
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I wish I could give it more stars.
18 Nov 2005
I started looking around for a new auction lister and management service at the end of June. I wanted the inventory control features and reliability my former lister lacked.

I tried . . . pretty much everything. Some things twice.

I FINALLY tried AuctionSage after reading yet another glowing review . . . and was almost instantly hooked. I think it *looked* hard to me, which is why I hadn't tried it earlier, but in reality, it is just as easy to use as my former lister (SpareDollar) and did I mention it actually works? It does. Consistently. And . . .users are notified of updates which are made pretty much instantly any time eBay enhances anything.

The listing feature is faster than anything I've tried. The post sale management ROCKS. I am able to manage my inventory and order fulfillment for my OFF EBAY sales.

I can bulk revise current listings as well as make major bulk revisions on inventory items. With the click of a button. FPL day. No problem. Just click and bulk switch your store items to FPL items. Don't all sell? No problem. Just click and bulk switch them all back.

And last but definitely not least . . . the customer service is top notch and is provided by the owner, who knows his program and writes his own code. Well.

I wish I'd tried AuctionSage first . . . but maybe if I had, I wouldn't realize what a jewel it is!!

Every week I find new things that AuctionSage does. (This week's goodie - you can uploade your inventory to an oscommerce store - how cool is that??) I'm like a kid at Christmas, getting to open new gifts all the time.

Worth twice the money or more (but please don't do that to us, John! )
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