The Best Deal I Have Found

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The Best Deal I Have Found
18 Nov 2005
I have been using SpareDollar for well over two years. In the time I have been a SpareDollar member there have been some glitches here and there but all in all it is by far the best auction management site that I have used (and I have used quite a few). As someone else posted, NO auction management site is perfect or able to suit everyone's individual needs however SpareDollar does the best job for my auction management needs. The image hosting is great with 50MB of space included in the monthly fee. I have around 1800 images stored with SD and I am not even close to using up all of my 50MB. The sdLister is easy to use and an ad can be created and launched within minutes from start to finish. The site owner is working on a major upgrade which will make SpareDollar even better than it is right now. The SpareDollar Community is full of useful information on a variety of subjects...from how to use SpareDollar to general help for eBay sellers and everything in between. I will admit that, in the past, the customer service from the site owner has been somewhat lacking however that has improved a great deal recently and I envision that getting better and better also. Recent problems have been addressed quickly and resolved just as quickly. This is more than I can say for any other auction management site that I have used. The recent price increase (from $4.95/month to $8.95/month) has some people upset however, in my opinion, it is more than justified for what SpareDollar has to offer. Having spent close to ten times that much at other services (and having them not function half as well as SD does) I can truly say that SpareDollar is the only place for me. The only thing that you need to successfully use SpareDollar is a little common sense and something to sell on eBay. I plan on staying with SpareDollar for a long time.
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