Best deal for my business needs, hands down.

A review of SpareDollar by Vintage Silver Tabletop
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Vintage Silver Tabletop
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Best deal for my business needs, hands down.
18 Nov 2005
SpareDollar has worked very well for me for well over a year. After spending alot more $$ per month on other services, this one has out performed them all every time. It seems other users have had trouble keeping their images online, or using the scheduler, however, I've never experienced any troubles that were not my own 'operator error'.

Great Price ($8.95), Wonderful, friendly forums, User Friendly.

I'm a loyal user - even if the 'new sd' doesn't roll out soon. The current version is working great for me - and my eBay business has never been better. I largely attribute the beautiful templates that I'm using - compliments of the talented and gracious members who give their time and talent for nothing more than a 'thank you!'

It might not be for everybody, but you won't know until you've tried it!
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