You get a LOT for a few $$$

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You get a LOT for a few $$$
22 Nov 2005
This is my third attempt at posting this and it hasn't shown up. Hoping third time is the charm....

When I joined SpareDollar I was amazed at the immediate "pickup" in sales on my eBay auctions! I attribute this mostly to the super high quality of the photos and the large number of them you can put into your auctions (12 on the auto links, more by writing the code). And photo uploading is a snap!!

SD is very user friendly and if you do run into a problem, the folks in the Community forum are always happy to help, and you make some new cyberfriends at the same time! I love the template forum for SD members and got the help I needed when I decided to learn how to make and submit them myself they were even very kind and "fixed" my first ones when I messed up.

I read complaints here that Tomas is not responsive but I find just the opposite. He is *constantly* in the Community trying to assist, even when people are obviously just "whiners" -- insisting that he guarantee that the site will "never" be down or experience problems. LOL *anyone* who could do THAT on the Internet would be making big bucks!

There are a lot of complaints because the price went to $8.95 a month... but you get a LOT for your measly nine bucks! As far as I am concerned it is a real bargain. AND you can get two free months right now by signing up for six months... a free month when you sign someone else up, etc.

I love the ease with which I can write and schedule my auctions. SD works FAR better and with more accuracy than eBay's OWN "Seller Assistant" which NEVER worked right in all the years I had it... AND I paid more for it than I do SD.

For those who say there is something better and cheaper out there, go for it. I tried a few others that "sounded" great but was not impressed compared to what I get at SD. To each his/her own I guess... but for me it is SD!!
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