Seems to be a work in progress... Will be awesome if they ever finish

A review of Auction Hawk by eemann
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Seems to be a work in progress... Will be awesome if they ever finish
24 Nov 2005
I do over 1000 listings a month and have tried them out for 3 months. 1. customer service is sporadic through their "ticket system". Sometimes the response is immediate, sometimes it never comes. Often you're directed to a web page that says, "your question has been received". You cant call, nor directly contact them by email. Not good enough when I'm losing money by the hour. 2. The features advertised are wonderful. The ones that work are great! (1page lister, eg). Many features are intuitive to use-However, many are not! The help file index is written in such simple and general language that it is no help at all.Answers given are general & obvious with no detail.. for example,"to start a new listing, click on the 1-page lister tab". Uh-huh. Then what? I did that and got re-directed to a totally different web site. Days later, I finally figured out that there was a glitch in their software that caused this if 1-page lister is clicked from the tools area. Customer support was useless here. Also, it sometimes reports relisted items as unsold--this should never happen. It means having to carefully check each and every item to make sure that it's not already listed before I click "relist" else I'll wind up selling an item twice. This makes the bulk relist feature useless. With hundreds of items this is a tedious, time consuming task. 3. The automated feedback system-a great concept, but sometimes reports feedback as being sent, when in fact, it has not.This has created friction with some of my customers. 4.Archive feature doesn't actually archive, but redirects to eBay page-gone in 90Days.5.The grouping of multiple items by one customer sometimes misses one. This has resulted in having to do a second mailing at my cost because I trusted AH's invoice.6.Reports are inaccurate. 7. Finally, when customers click to see a larger picture of my item, they see a banner advertisement for sniping software to help buy my item for less money... I'm paying them to do this?
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