It's Good & Infuriating

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It's Good & Infuriating
29 Nov 2005
Auction Hawk attempts to give you a lot of features for your money. You get a listing service, image storage, a gallery, and automated emails for under $15/month (110 listing plan).

If all the features worked all the time, this would be a terrific service. Since I've had AH (about two months) I've had issues with the automated email, the shipping tracking, and the reporting. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the customer service is hit or miss - usually they just copy a page from the help section and email it back - often without really reading the problem carefully. With no option to speak to tech support, it has been very frustrating.

The software has it's limits and is not necessarily intuitive. There will be a good amount of trial and error until you feel comfortable with it - I posted auctions when I wasn't finished with the listings because AH defaulted back to "List Immediately" when I went in to edit a couple of listings. Very frustrating.

With all that being said, there's not a whole lot to using AH - it is actually a simple program once you understand it. The one page lister is easy to use and takes just a couple of minutes to post a new auction (or schedule one for the future). I really like the summary page that tells you how many hits your auctions have had - that's something you don't get looking at My eBay and it gives you a feel for what's working and what isn't. The included Gallery feature is really nice and I'm certain it has helped me get additional hits for my other items.

I'm a small seller and don't want to pay extra for the Gallery, automated emails, and image storage. As frustrated as I have been with some of the issue's I've had, and as often as I have looked at other systems, for the price and features, I'll keep using AH for a while longer. If they could step up the service standards and eliminate some of the bugs for a few months, I would give this a higher rating. --- eBay seller BidFinders
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