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Expensive Solution--There's Got to Be Better

A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by acroama
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Joined: Dec 8, 2005
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Expensive Solution--There's Got to Be Better
8 Dec 2005
I have been using AuctionWorks/Marketworks since around 2001. Their service is the only one I’m aware of that offers the features I need that said, I’ve had a nagging feeling for several months now that I need to look at new options.

Here are my complaints:

1. MarketWorks is very expensive—a monthly fee and 2% of my auction revenue.

2. Their site is frequently slow or down.

3. Working with their tech team on bugs is difficult. Their typical response to a problem is to report back that it doesn’t exist. It’s only with persistence that I’ve been able to get them to admit there’s a problem, and even then, of three problems pointed out in the last year, only one has been fixed.

4. Their system is oriented toward sellers who use their storefront and checkout system. I’ve never like it, and thus feel like maybe MW has become the wrong tool for the job.
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