Listing software bugs leave users blasted, frustrated

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Listing software bugs leave users blasted, frustrated
27 Dec 2005
I was very excited about this product. Supposedly had the eBay seal of approval, and it works on a Mac....yeah right. I've had better success with free and shareware products

There is no way this product is ready for prime time. You are dealing with a software that is very buggy and you have the privilege of paying to be a beta tester.

The consignment "features" are poor and convoluted.

The manual is not comprehensive by any stretch.

Th very quaint user forum is actually a listserve that can NOT handle plaintext (?) so I was forever getting tons of emails littered with ascii characters, no matter what mail client I used. (I tried 5). The items in the listserve I could read were mostly other angry or frustrated users. No wonder they don't use a forum based help system!

While I consider myself computer savvy (I work for a software development company!), I still had problems attempting to get this program to work well. It is not intuitive.

Forget about setting up a scheduled listing upload. Seems this should be a gimme feature on any software.

It does not integrate with any accounting software, including Quickbooks or MYOB (mac product)

And my latest peeve, which has led me to kiss my $99 goodbye was an update that killed the application. Just before a .10 listing day, closed customer support, and dozens of auctions that had to be manually re-entered.

I do not recommend this software to anyone. Too bad, it seemed as if it had a lot of promise, but I don't have time for vaporware.
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