Using voice helps me maximize profits

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Using voice helps me maximize profits
12 Jan 2006
I started using voice in my auctions a fewmonths ago and I experienced immediate results. My bids and profits have never been higher (and I've been selling on eBay for over 8 years)!

Since using voice descriptions, my average # of bids/item has nearly doubled and my sell-through rate has increased by over 20% (from 50% to 70%).

Their subscription fee may seem a little steep but you are automatically enrolled in their affiliate program. Everytime you put voice in your auction there is an affiliate link to the SellersVoice website. And everytime someone signs up through one of your links you will receive $10/month for as long as your referral is active. So 3 referrals and your service is free! Your subscription will probably drop quicker than you might think... in only a few weeks my subscription became free.

If you haven't already tried this service, you at least need to give it a test drive. If you go to they are actually offering a 3-week trial of their service for only a dollar.

Check it out and maximize your profit potential.
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